Tracey Barnes

Managing Director

I founded and created the Dancing for Health company.

I am a fitness and dance instructor who has run my own dance company for over 20 years.

I sustained a back injury which caused chronic pain and made me realise that certain dance movements would help aid recovery. This inspired me to concentrate my teachings on technique and posture, and consider how dance could benefit other people. I wanted to provide vulnerable people who couldn’t attend a public dance class because of their medical or age related conditions, access to be able to learn to dance in safety.

Dancing is a multidemsional activity that contributes positively to many aspects of a person’s overall health.

My aim is to find ways, techniques and create full packages of health, well-being and fitness through safe, bespoke “Dancing for Health’ programmes to enable participants to dance their way to a better lfestyle one step at a time.My vision is to positively impact the lives of others and to ‘share the health’.