UnLtd Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Dancing for Health CIC is an UnLtd Award Winner. Securing £18k in funding to support our venture. UnLtd’s dedicated teams and specialist support will make a big difference to our business growth. This support and training will enable us to scale the business and provide our classes nationwide. With 85% of our beneficiaries being 60+ we align with UnLtd’s focus area of Healthy Aging, to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults whilst reducing health inequalities.

The UK is undergoing a major demographic shift, with far reaching consequences for society, the economy and public services. Longer life expectancy, has not been matched by an equal rise in the quality of those extra years. Although average life expectancy at birth is now 80 years, ‘healthy life expectancy’, the number of years lived in a healthy and active state, is only age 63 years. we are living longer but we are not living better, and the discrepancy in healthy life expectancy between different areas of the UK can be as much as 20 years.

Despite the scale of challenges, social businesses can and are significantly improving the experience of later life in the UK. UnLtd want to shift public policy to focus on prevention, repositioning social entrepreneurs as the best providers of preventative innovations in the UK. Dancing for Health are happy and thrilled to be one of the social businesses chosen by UnLtd to provide products and services that meet the needs and aspirations of people in later life, and significantly improve the experience of later life in the UK.